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Disability? Hell no…..

I was talking with another mother of a High Functioning Aspergers child the other day and she referred to her child as having a disability. This really upset me and put my back up….yes, raising a child on the spectrum is extremely challenging for everyone involved, however I don’t and never will see my child as disabled because of it.

I see her as a highly gifted individual who’s brain is just wired differently from a neurotypical individual.

She sees the world with a whole new perspective….don’t we need this for the future? Individuals who see the world differently, individuals with the unbelievable ability to create and solve..finding the solution not just seeing the problem….they are the game changers, the individuals who are going to shake the world, the out the box thinkers….

I see her as a gift to this world. She is incredibly sensitive in all aspects, which is both a blessing and a curse. She feels everything and absorbs the emotions of everything around her, extremely sensitive to noise, touch, sight and hates foods with different textures. Socially she struggles and is always misunderstood. Her anxiety levels soar sky high from the smallest changes of plans in her day….which in turn creates severe meltdowns. she has the ability to mask very well, but it leaves her overwhelmed, irritable and completely drained…and….meltdown.

I now understand, since her diagnosis which was in December 2021, that the meltdowns are caused by sensory overload. That she needs to know the plan for the day well in advance and any changes to the plan cause anxiety which leads to a meltdown.

But my daughter is definitely not disabled, she has a superpower and is highly gifted, and so is your child.

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